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Your Portable Appliance Tester is required to have its calibration checked on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, with 12 months being the normal recommended minimum time frame. This calibration verification is required so that you as the operator can be assured that the results from the Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) are accurate, so you can be confident that your Portable Appliance Tester is not passing equipment that FAILS to meet the Australian Standard 3760.

NSW Electrical Test & Tagging provide a cost effective Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) calibration verification service. As part of our Tester Calibration service we issue a calibration certificate which details all values obtained under calibration, so that you can be certain of the results. We use fully traceable standards for all our testing.

We also provide a reminder service so you never have to worry about your PAT being out of calibration again; just leave it up to us.

DOWNLOAD Calibration Request Form.

Prices to have other models calibrated are available on request.

Should your PAT be unable to be calibrated for any reason, your PAT will be returned and a handling fee of $55 incl GST will be charged ONLY. *

To have your Portable Appliance Testers calibration verified please DOWNLOAD the request form, complete and send with your tester to:

NSW Electrical Test & Tagging Suite 204, Level 2, 1 Centennial Drive Park Central, Campbelltown NSW 2560 Ph 1300 730 699

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