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Seaward PT300 Pro Kit
Seaward PT300 Pro Kit Price : $2,529.00
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The Seaward PT300 is one of Australia's most compact and advanced appliance and RCD testing system.

The PT300 combines the latest handheld instrument and wireless communications technology to provide the ultimate in portability and flexibility.

The PrimeTest 300 carries out tests required under AS/NZS3760 for appliances and leads, carries out 30mA RCD tests and functions as a data logger to record any inspections

and tests carried out.

Battery Powered & 950g Weight 

The PT300 is the most compact tester in its class and only weighs 950g. It also offers battery powered operation.

Whether testing construction sites, workshops or factories, the PT300's portability provides the most flexible testing and tagging solution, guaranteeing

greater efficiency, huge time savings and a lower cost per test. 

PATGuard PRO Reporting Software

PATGuard PRO software is one of a suite of software packages available from Seaward. With thousands of users and over 20 years of experience, Seaward

Software guarantees stability and reliability for your asset management system. PATGuard PRO is a comprehensive package that is ideal for professional users looking for effective asset management and professional reporting.

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